50 Euro Loan: how to get them right away and without a paycheck

In this page we take care of the small loan of 50 euros. Let’s find out what are the best solutions to get this amount immediately without waiting for the delivery times provided for the classic loans. Finally, how to apply for 50 euros if you are without a paycheck, thanks to alternative guarantees.

Loan 50 euros: how to get them immediately, who to contact and requirements

In the event that an unexpected expense is to be incurred, it may happen that we need an amount of 50 euros which for various reasons we may not have available. In the world of financing you can find the solution for all needs, including that of a loan of 50 euros. Although it is a very low amount for which it is not advisable to apply to a credit institution, it is good to know that there are however different solutions to get the amount you need. First of all, the first option to consider when you need an amount of only 50 euros is to turn to your family : often a parent or relative is available to give us a hand. It is good to specify that this help from the family does not necessarily mean that a relative gives us his money. Although it is only 50 euros in fact not all are willing to give them away, or at least it can be unpleasant to go and ask for money from a relative.

On this page we are talking about 50-euro loans: why then do we talk about the family? Because the fastest and most convenient loan solution is the so-called family loan. This is a form of private loan to all intents and purposes, with the difference that instead of addressing a private individual we do not know, we turn to one of our relatives. Obviously under this same term we also mean the loans in which to pay the amount of 50 euros is a friend of ours, since it has nothing to do with kinship. Very simply, the family loan is based on mutual trust, so there is no need to present any requirement. In the event that one of our dear is available to lend us the 50 euro we need we can take out a private writing, in which we commit ourselves to return the sum of money lent to us with any interest. Family loans are divided into non-interest bearing loans and interest-bearing loans. In private writing we can in fact specify an interest rate thanks to which our lender will get a profit. In the case of non-interest bearing loans, however, considering that the amount to be disbursed is particularly low, a simple handshake to stipulate the agreement may suffice.

In case you do not have the possibility (or the desire) to address one of our dear there is no problem, because there are still excellent solutions. Among these are private loans, which very often allow us to obtain the amount we want at better terms than a credit institution. Getting a loan of 50 euros is very simple, since individuals will not have too many problems to pay a particularly low amount. However as always for this form of financing we advise you to be very careful, as unfortunately the scams are always around the corner. For this reason we recommend first of all to stay away from those who require interest in advance of the payment of the amount. In addition, some lenders take advantage of the difficulty of those looking for money to set particularly high interest rates. In this regard, we remind you that the Italian law establishes the so-called ” usury thresholds “, beyond which the financing is considered illegal. To avoid any kind of problem with private loans from 50 euros, we advise you to turn to the ” social-lending ” platforms. These online communities connect those looking for a loan with lenders. The platform itself guarantees maximum security in the exchange of loans between individuals, so everything will be just as if we were turning to an authorized bank.

The reason why so far we have only talked about private loans of 50 euros is that personal loans have a minimum amount that can be requested above 50 euros. If you want to receive your loan immediately, however, there are alternative solutions with immediate disbursement. In particular, the best is probably that of the bank credit. This form of financing is very simply a credit open that the bank offers to its client. At the time of the request is defined the maximum amount that can be collected by the customer (usually up to € 3,500). Once this threshold has been set, the customer can pick up at the counter even if the balance is negative. In the case of a loan of 50 euros, you can withdraw the amount you need when you want with the balance at -50 euros. At this point, therefore, the repayment plan will be defined based on the interest rate expected by your bank.

Small loan of 50 euros: is it possible to get it even without a paycheck?

One of the characteristics of the small loan of 50 euros, in addition to the speed of supply, is the ease with which it can be requested. Considering that the risk to the bank is extremely low, the requirements for obtaining this amount will also be less restrictive. One of the most frequently asked questions for 50-euro loans is: can you get it even without a paycheck ? This is indeed the fundamental requirement that is required by banks and financial institutions in the case of personal loans. If you are looking for a small loan for only 50 euros, however, you must know that there are some excellent solutions even if you are without a paycheck.

The best financing option that allows us to receive an amount equal to 50 euros without any income guarantee is that of a pledge credit. How does it work? It is a loan with immediate disbursement, which has as a guarantee a valuable item that will be pledged to the credit institution that grants us the loan. The only constraint is that the market value of the object that we leave as a pledge is greater than the amount we want to request. Very often you have at home valuables such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets of gold, however, we do not want to sell for the emotional value they have for us. Thanks to the credit on pledge we will have the opportunity to receive the 50 euros we need without having to lose our valuables.

At the time of the request the object we will carry with us will be evaluated and therefore the maximum amount that can be requested will be defined. At this point, as we have already said, the disbursement of 50 euros is immediate, while as regards the repayment procedures we can choose the duration we prefer and on the basis of this we will define the monthly repayment installments. Again with regard to 50-euro loans without paychecks, the family loan solutions that we talked about above are worth considering, given that this is a loan based on the mutual trust of the lender and the applicant. As for the request for loans from individuals, this will be linked to the possibility or not to present valid alternative guarantees. In particular, for the 50-euro loans, the declaration of income for self-employed workers without payroll can be presented. In the case of the unemployed, a solution may be the presentation of alternative income to the paycheck such as those deriving from a rent.