Instant payday loans online -Get a payday loan with bad credit online

A loan is a new type of loan that you can find on the internet. Borrowing money with a loan means spending money today! When you don’t have money, for example, due to the credit crisis, it can be difficult to make ends meet. After all, you are used to spending more every month. It […]

Mortgage Loan and the Consumer Credit Act.

In the entry What is a consumer loan and why it is worth knowing, I mentioned that the Consumer Credit Act applies to a certain extent to credit and loan agreements if they are secured by a mortgage. Many people are interested in mortgage issues, which is why in today’s entry I will present the […]

When Can a Bank Terminate a Loan Agreement?

Banking law specifies when a bank can terminate a loan agreement with the borrower. Circumstances in which the bank entitles the bank to terminate the loan agreement with the client is specified in art. 75 of this Act. When deciding to take out a loan, it’s important to know these regulations. Today I would like […]

Consumer’s Rights Before Entering into a Consumer Loan Agreement

In the previous entry Consumer Credit, what it is and why it is worth knowing, I wrote that the Consumer Credit Act of May 12, 2011 imposes many obligations on lenders and credit intermediaries that should be complied with by borrowers before concluding a consumer credit agreement. Today I am going to bring these responsibilities […]

The Best Loan Comparison Site is a Good Chance for a Cheaper Loan

The best loan comparison engine is a wide range of banking offers. It will allow comparison of both cash loans and housing loans. In the service, other loans, such as consolidation loans or car loans, were presented in the form of individual banks’ offers. This is a better form of presenting a credit offer than […]

Loan despite private credit with guarantor

 A negative private credit entry complicates the borrowing, since only a few financial institutions in this case are willing to lend. A hard negative feature even excludes these completely. Only Intrasavings Bank only excludes applicants for lending who had to file personal bankruptcy for most funding programs. However, the least planned acquisitions meet the criteria of a promotional […]

50 Euro Loan: how to get them right away and without a paycheck

In this page we take care of the small loan of 50 euros. Let’s find out what are the best solutions to get this amount immediately without waiting for the delivery times provided for the classic loans. Finally, how to apply for 50 euros if you are without a paycheck, thanks to alternative guarantees. Loan […]

When Can the Borrower Terminate the Loan Agreement?

I wrote my blog on a time when a bank can terminate a loan agreement and what it involves. Observing, however, the questions entered into the search engine on the website, I see that you are also looking for information on the reverse situation, i.e. when the borrower can terminate the loan agreement. So I […]

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